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This is the Telestion Client Library Monorepo. It contains, in basic terms, a framework for building so-called Project-Specific-Clients (PSCs), which are clients for the Telestion software that perfectly fit the mission's requirements.

Telestion is an ecosystem for Ground Station software that's easy to adjust to a mission's needs without re-inventing the wheel.

Getting Started with PSC development

This is just a very basic guide for getting started. For more in-depth guides, reference, etc., please refer to the PSC Developer Manual.

To make it easy for you to develop PSCs, we provide a fully-featured CLI that, while keeping everything extensible, gives you a hand in creating new projects, generating boilerplate in the projects, running the project during development, and building the PSC, either for the web or as a native, Electron-based, app.

Before you begin

Before you begin, please make sure that you have the following tools installed on your system:

With both installed, we're ready to take off πŸš€:

Installing the CLI

First, let's install the Telestion Client CLI. Open a command line and enter the following command:

npm install --global @wuespace/telestion-client-cli

⚠ If, on UNIX-based systems (Linux or macOS), you run into permission issues when running this command, please try re-running it with sudo.

Creating the PSC

With the CLI installed, we can create our first PSC project. Open a command line in a folder where you'd like to create your project and run:

tc-cli init

You will then be asked one or more questions (like the project title). When everything's answered, the CLI will initialize a full PSC project for you, so ... sit back, relax, and enjoy the flight πŸ˜‰.

Oh! We're already on final approach, and now ... the command is finished. You will find that the CLI generated a PSC project into a folder matching the title you've given the project.

Running the PSC

You can now enter that folder and run the PSC by running:

npm start

Houston, Tranquility Base here, the Eagle has landed! You should, now, see a flashy PSC open in a new window.

Next steps

This might all seem a bit overwhelming, at first, but don't worry: We've got you covered and try to provide all the documentation and help you need to get going.

To learn about how to develop the PSC, please take a look at the PSC Developer Manual, which contains guides, explanations of concepts, and reference for everything surrounding the topic. You can find the latest version as PDF in the Documentation Releases. We are also working on providing this documentation on our website.

For the always-up-to-date API reference for all the npm packages of this repository, please have a look at our Online API Reference, powered by fliegdoc. As Telestion is meant to be extensible, documentation is a high priority. Therefore, we have a high standard for the API Reference, as well, with every exposed API being fully documented with Doc Comments, including an example for every function, and so on.

Last, but not least, you should also consider taking a look at some of our already existing PSCs:

This Repository

Project Structure

The overall file structure of this monorepo looks like this:

β”œβ”€β”€ .github
β”‚   β”œβ”€β”€ workflows (CI configuration)
β”‚   └── dependabot.yml (Dependabot config)
β”œβ”€β”€ .storybook
β”‚   └── main.js (Storybook configuration)
β”œβ”€β”€ base-configs (configurations around the repo)
β”‚   β”œβ”€β”€ eslint.base.js
β”‚   └── [...]
β”œβ”€β”€ packages (npm packages within this repo)
β”‚   β”œβ”€β”€ telestion-client-cli
β”‚   β”œβ”€β”€ telestion-client-common
β”‚   β”œβ”€β”€ telestion-client-core
β”‚   β”œβ”€β”€ telestion-client-prop-types
β”‚   β”œβ”€β”€ telestion-client-template
β”‚   β”œβ”€β”€ telestion-client-types
β”‚   β”œβ”€β”€ vertx-event-bus
β”‚   └── vertx-mock-server
β”œβ”€β”€ scripts
β”‚   β”œβ”€β”€ [...]
β”‚   └──
β”œβ”€β”€ .fliegdocrc.js (Fliegdoc configuration for generating doc pages)
β”œβ”€β”€ (DON'T TOUCH! Automatically generated Changelog)
β”œβ”€β”€ lerna.json (Lerna configuration)
β”œβ”€β”€ (you're here :P)
└── [...]

Many folders, such as ./scripts, the individual packages in ./packages, etc., contain their own that documents their inner structure.



For the documentation on contributing to this repository, please take a look at the Contributing Guidelines.


Thank you to all contributors of this repository:


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