Package de.wuespace.telestion.api.verticle

package de.wuespace.telestion.api.verticle

Telestion API - Telestion Verticle

This package contains different classes helping with Vert.x verticles by providing commonly used methods which help to improve the developer experience by massively reducing boiler-plate code.


Verticles within a Telestion Project should extend TelestionVerticle. It provides different core functionality like more clean start() and stop() methods.

A Verticle usually needs an implementation of TelestionConfiguration. They must be created manually - the convention is to create a Record in the same class called Configuration. By inferring the generics of the TelestionVerticle with this Configuration, the loading code for configurations gets reduced massively.
When using no Configuration it is recommended to use GenericConfiguration which is telling the implementation, that a configuration is not needed.

By implementing traits the functionality of the TelestionVerticle can be increased even more.


For examples refer to the de.wuespace.telestion.example-package.

(c) WueSpace e.V.

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